Wall Light Electric Kit
£ 10.00

Wall mounted bracket plate and bulb holder which is suitable for the Moroccan wall lamps.  

The back plate is silver and the lamp holder is a brass coloured standard bayonet fitting

Bracket:  Width:  7 cm    
Height: 4.4 cm approximately
Depth:  2cm

With the bulb holder attached: 

Height:  5.4 cm
Depth:  4 cm

If you are not familiar with electrical wiring systems, it is recommended that you seek qualified advice before commencing the installation.

All components of this kit are made within the UK.   There are no electrics within the components.


Fitting Instructions for use with our wall lampshades:

The bracket and bulb holder is fixed to the wall and lit using your existing electric cables coming from the wall. The wall lampshades then sits on hooks/nails over the fitting.

If you have any further queries, please contact us.