Moroccan Lantern Hanging Kits
Most of the lanterns can be used as a normal electric pendant lampshade.  They are hung from the ceiling either by putting a hook next to your existing ceiling rose or using a rose/ceiling plate with an integral hook.   Your existing electric cable comes through the plate and into the top of the lantern - depending on the style of lantern it will then either go through a top 'funnel' or drop into the body if the lantern has a wide open top. 

If the lantern has a 'funnel' top then there will be a door in the body of the lantern for fixing the lantern and changing bulbs, etc.  Please contact us if you are unsure, although it will make sense to a qualified electrician.   There are no electrics within the lanterns.

We offer two ceilng plate roses, both are manufactured in the UK and includes the colour matched screws.  The rose comes in either a bronzed dark colour finish which is a close match to the finish on most of the darker lanterns or the brass finish which is gold. 

A lot of the lanterns could also be hung from a bracke on the wall and again used with electricity, some will also be suitable for use with candles, however, we would recommend that the flat bases are more suitable.