Moroccan Ceiling Lanterns & Lampshades

Our authentic handmade Moroccan ceiling lanterns are perfect for bringing a touch of exotic Arabian ambience to any room
We have a wide selection of Moroccan Lighting, Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lampshades.  Various sizes, shapes, colours and styles.  All are handmade by artisans in Morocco which we continuously work.

Whichever you choose the effect created by the diffusion of light through the coloured glass and perforated frame is enchanting. Some of the Moroccan lamps have flat bases which make them suitable for use as candle holders or can be adapted for use as table lamps

The Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lamp shades do not include any electrics.  They are hung from the ceiling, either with a hook next to your existing pendant ceiling fitting, or a ceiling rose with an integral hook, such as that found in our shop.  Lantern Ceiling Hanging Kit.   The electric cable drops through the top of the lantern and there is usually a door to assemble the bulb holder and change bulbs.  If you are unsure please contact us or arrange to visit the showroom where we can show you how it works.