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Moroccan Lighting, Moroccan Lanterns, Moroccan Lamps and Moroccan Lampshades

Moroccan Lighting, Moroccan Lanterns and Moroccan lampshades are the perfect touch for infusing a Moroccan feel to any room.
We have a wide selection of Moroccan Lighting, Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lampshades.  Various sizes, shapes, colours and styles.

Whichever you choose the effect created by the diffusion of light through the coloured glass and perforated frame is enchanting. Some of the Moroccan lamps have flat bases which make them suitable for use as candle holders or can be adapted for use as table lamps

The Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lamp shades do not include any electrics.  They are hung from the ceiling, either with a hook next to your existing pendant ceiling fitting, or a ceiling rose with an integral hook, such as that found in our shop.  Lantern Ceiling Hanging Kit.   The electric cable drops through the top of the lantern and there is usually a door to assemble the bulb holder and change bulbs.  If you are unsure please contact us or arrange to visit the showroom where we can show you how it works.  

Please remember that these products are made from metal so they will need to be earthed and we would always recommend that a qualified electrician is used.
Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan Lampshades

Moroccan Brass Lanterns

Moroccan Large Lanterns

Moroccan Wall lights

Moroccan Wall Sconces

Moroccan Wall Lampshades

Moroccan Candle Lanterns

Moroccan Candle Holder Lanterns




 Moroccan Henna Lamps, Moroccan Henna Lights & Moroccan Henna Lampshades
Moroccan henna lights, Moroccan henna lampshades, Moroccan henna lamps & Moroccan lanterns are perfect for providing a soft glow and are a great feature for any room.
 Hand made by the skilled artisans of Morocco, the wrought iron frame is covered with hide and then hand painted with traditional Moroccan designs using henna and sometime coloured paint. 
 These lamps are available in many shapes, colours, sizes and designs from small table lamps to 6ft tall floor lamps and wall lampshade lights to celing lampshades.  

The table and floor henna lights are wired to European standards with an inline gold coloured flex and bayonet bulb holder fitting.
 Each one is unique so if you are looking for something different why not take a look. 

Moroccan Henna Table & Floor lamps

Moroccan Henna Lighting

Moroccan Henna Lampshades

Moroccan Henna Lanterns

Moroccan Henna Wall Lampshades

Moroccan Henna Ceiling Pendant Shade



Moroccan Teapots, MoroccanTea Glasses, Moroccan Tea Sets and Moroccan Tea Tray Tables
Moroccan's are well known for their hospitality and Moroccan mint tea plays a very large part in that.   


We have a selection of vibrant colourful tea glasses in single colours or mixed, all perfect for either traditional mint tea, our your own hot or cold drink.  We have Moroccan silver teapots and tea trays in both silver or brass.  Some of the trays have folding legs so can be used as tables or trays on their own.

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Moroccan Teapots

Moroccan Tea Tray Tables

Moroccan Silver Tea Tray

Moroccan Brass Tea Tray

Moroccan Tea Set


 Moroccan Mirrors

Moroccan mirrors are perfect for adding a stunning focal point to any room, hall or living space.  Traditional Moroccan mirrors come in a varied array of sizes, shapes and finishes.  The frames can be made from Moroccan silver, Moroccan wood, Moroccan brass, Moroccan bone, Moroccan leather - all giving a unique look.

 Moroccan Brass Mirrors

Moroccan Silver Mirrors

Moroccan Bone Mirrors

Moroccan Leather Mirrors

Moroccan Wooden Mirrors

Moroccan Large Mirrors

Moroccan Arch Mirrors



Moroccan Wall Lights, Moroccan Wall Lighting, Moroccan Wall Lampshades, Moroccan Wall Lanterns, Moroccan Wall Sconces, Moroccan Wall Lamps

Moroccan wall lights are perfect for a touch of subtle mood lighting.  Moroccan iron wall lights cast spectacular patterns of light when lit and for something with a little more colour we have wall lights with coloured or frosted glass panels.


 Moroccan Wall Lights

Moroccan Wall Lighting

Moroccan Wall Lampshades

Moroccan Iron Wall Lights

Moroccan Henna Wall Lighting

Moroccan Glass Wall Lampshades

Moroccan Wall Lanterns

Moroccan Wall Sconces

Moroccan Wall Lamps

Moroccan Wall Electric Kits




 Moroccan Tagines, Moroccan Cooking, Moroccan Majmars, Moroccan Dining

Moroccan food is an exotic blend of spices and ingredients which perfectly capture the whole experience of Morocco. 

The traditional cooking pot of Morocco, the Moroccan Tagine is a ceramic dish with a domed top and can be used either on a hob or in the oven, it is perfect on a charcoal filled majmar. 

Our Moroccan tagines are the Tangier Tagines which are renowned for being the best in Morocco.   Available in a selection of sizes to suit any needs.

We recommend that a heat diffuser is used when cooking on a gas hob as this ensures that the heat is evenly distributed across the base of the Moroccan tagine.


Moroccan Tagines

Moroccan Tajine

Moroccan Cooking Tagine

Moroccan Cooking Pot




 Moroccan Pottery, Moroccan Ceramics, Moroccan Bowls, Moroccan Plates, Moroccan Dishes, Moroccan Safi

Moroccan pottery comes in a variety of designs and colours all hand painted by the extremely talented artisans of Morocco.  Whether it is a traditional Moroccan Safi design or something a little different each piece is unique.

Moroccan Bowls

Moroccan Pottery

Moroccan Ceramics

Moroccan Plates

Moroccan Dishes

Moroccan Safi Plates

Moroccan Serving Plates




Moroccan Leather Pouffes, Moroccan Leather Pouf, Moroccan Leather Cushions

 Moroccan leather pouffes are a useful and attractive way to add some seating to any room.   Available in a variety of colours and shapes, we can offer them either with stuffing or without.


Moroccan Leather Pouffes

Moroccan Leather Poufs

Moroccan Leather Cushions

Moroccan Seating

 Moroccan Round Leather Pouffes

Moroccan Square Leather Pouffes

Moroccan Large Leather Poufs






 Moroccan Chairs, Moroccan Furniture, Moroccan Seating
Moroccan chairs and seating come in traditional carved wooden framed chairs and sofas, to shaped Moroccan iron chairs and sofas.  

All individually hand crafted, the iron chairs and furniture are ideal for indoors, outdoors or a conservatory, whilst the carved wooden chairs add a touch of sumptuous luxury to any room.


Moroccan Chairs

Moroccan Sofas

Moroccan Seating

Moroccan Seats

Moroccan Furniture






 Moroccan Screens, Moroccan Fretwork Screens, Moroccan Room Dividers, Moroccan Iron Screen 

Moroccan iron fretwork screens are perfect for indoors or outdoors.  Great way to divide a room, create a visual barrier to provide some privacy or outdoors to provide a climbing frame for plants.

The Moroccan iron screens are handmade incorporating traditional Moroccan fretwork designs to create intricate swirls and patterns.

Moroccan Iron Screens

Moroccan Fretwork Screens

Moroccan Room Dividers

Moroccan Garden Screens

Moroccan Screens





  Moroccan Rugs, Moroccan Flooring, Moroccan Throws, Moroccan Fabric, Moroccan Material, Moroccan Silk, Moroccan Cushions, Moroccan Furnishings

Moroccan fabric is as vibrant and colourful as Morocco itself, combing beautiful colours together to create exquisite throws, cushions and rugs.

The Moroccan Kilim rugs are hand woven, traditionally by the women of the family who passed down the technique through the generations.


Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Kilim Rugs

Moroccan Throws

Moroccan Fabric

Moroccan Cushions

Moroccan Furnishings




Moroccan Coat Racks, Moroccan Coat Hooks, Moroccan Hanging Brackets, Moroccan Iron Brackets, Moroccan Iron Clothes Hooks

The Moroccan artisans are well known for the creative use and design of iron work whether in the form of the Moroccan fretwork iron screens, Moroccan coat rack hooks, Moroccan hanging brackets all are a simple way of adding a unique touch to your home.

Moroccan Coat Hook Rack

Moroccan Coat Rack

Moroccan Hanging Brackets

Moroccan Coat Hooks

Moroccan Iron Brackets

Moroccan Iron Lantern Brackets

Moroccan Iron Hanging Basket Brackets