Moroccan Tangier Tagine - TT30
£ 32.50
Authentic large Moroccan tagine from Tangier. 

Perfect for cooking or serving a traditional Moroccan tagine.  This size will serve 2-4 people.

Approximate Base Diameter:  30 cm 

We recemmoned that you use a heat diffuser if you wish to cook with these tagines. 

Please remember to season your tagine as follows: 

Before using your tagine it needs to be seasoned:

Soak the tagine in water for at least an hour

Rub the inside of the base and lid with olive oil

Put into a cold oven and set temperature at 150 C (gas mark 2) and leave for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool.


It is recommended that you hand wash your tagine, as it has not been tested for dish wash machines. Do not leave submerged in soapy water.
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